The Baby Shower Bingo book

A collection of Bingo cards for Baby Showers ready to print, with 4 themes and two sizes.

With 12 sets with 64 bingo cards each plus 4 sets with 56 cards, you can print and organize Baby Shower bingo games with more than 60 players.

Baby Shower bingo for Boys, Girls

The Baby Shower Bingo book

With 16 sets and 992 bingo cards in four different themes, this collection has everything you will ever need to organize and play bingo in your upcoming Baby shower.

What is in the book:
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  • Your time is valuable. There is no need to expend hours searching for Baby shower bingo cards and filling them with words by hand. The creation of bingo cards is very time consuming and in most websites you will only find only one set with 12, or at most, 15 bingo cards. That is rarely enough and you end up creating the cards by yourself. With this book you will have 16 sets, each one with more than 55 cards (64 cards in most cases), and four themes to choose from. You only need to print and play!
  • Make your choices. When you download Baby bingo cards from other websites, they are usually very restricted and incomplete, you may need to write the words yourself or they only give you a very small set so you can play with small groups only. With the Baby Shower eBook you can choose your cards to print from 4 themes: Neutral, Boys, Girls and Gifts; and two sizes: 1 card per page and 4 cards in one page. Each theme has its own word list and cards. Use your book for several Baby showers!
  • Have more fun. In Internet you will find that the Baby bingo cards in most sites have only 15, maybe 20 or, in very exceptional cases, 30 words or elements in their cards. In contrast, the bingo sets in the Baby Shower Cards eBook are based in lists with at least 69 elements, and in one case with 87 words! Your Baby shower game will be more entertaining, exciting and with more suspense for the players. You can have more than 60 players in a single game!

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Baby Shower Bingo

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Summary of the book

  • 1 file
  • 2 card sizes: 1 card per page & 4 cards per page
  • 4 themes: Neutral, Boys, Girls and Gifts
  • 16 sets: 56-64 cards in each set
  • 69-87 words in each set
  • 636 pages
  • 992 bingo cards