Download printable Baby shower bingo cards for free. In this sample you will find bingo cards from the four themes in the Baby shower bingo ebook.

Our Baby Bingo Cards ebook is the best and easiest way to get all the bingo cards that you need for your Baby shower. There is no need of searching for words, paying subscriptions or templates and you do not need to generate cards. Just get in a single file all the bingo cards you will ever need to organize and play in your baby showers.

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In the Baby shower ebook you will find two main types of cards, in terms of coloring:

Bingo cards in color

In the different sample files in you will find bingo cards in color, just like the first image, including different designs and colors. In the Baby Shower bingo book there are four themes like this one, every one of them with different colors and headers. This type of bingo cards look really nice without using too much color ink.

Bingo cards in black and white

But if you do not have a color printer or you do not want to use color ink in your baby bingo cards, you can use the black and white variations.

In the Baby Shower bingo ebook, you will find that every theme contains a black and white set of bingo cards, along with the cards in color, like the one in the second image*.

*Note: You can see the four themes and their color variations by downloading the free baby bingo cards from the above button; it includes the table of contents of the book with the sections mentioned before.

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